“Why I Do What I Do?”

I worked in retail for over 10 years. After deciding to go back to college and get my degree, I met some great professors that encouraged me to think “outside the box.” I never really thought I could own my own business but being a student at the University of Phoenix taught me to think outside of just having a regular 9-5 job.

I have been a small franchise owner for over 3 years but I always wanted to have a chance to create a company from the ground up. After some personal issues that arose in my family’s  life, I got the idea to start Clothes 4 Cures. Starting the company would allow me to live the dream of building a company with my own mission, goals, and success stories. It would also allow me to help out a cause that is important to me.

I departed from a job working as an Assistant Manager for a very well known paint store. No longer would I have the benefits, a regular paycheck, and a 401K. What I would have is the ability to see my kids grow up and I be an active parent in that. To be able to wake up and not have to do the morning rush to get to  a job that I felt lost in. Or, go through all the highs and lows to make my company Clothes 4 Cures a reality.

"Bad Romance" - Clothes 4 Cures T-Shirt Design

"Bad Romance" - Clothes 4 Cures T-Shirt - The Wall

Of course there are some days that I do get scared and wonder, “What the hell did I do?” Then there is something to make me remember why I do what I do. My kids will say something that I would have missed if I had been at a regular job. Or someone gives me a compliment on how they like the idea of my company and my courage for starting it.

We all have different paths in life. Whichever path you take make sure it’s one that will allow you to know what you can become. Until next time…LIVE! 🙂



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“Friends Along The Way”

Friendship love and truth

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I have always been a person that has tried to have an open mind. I try to get to know a variety of people because you never know when you may need that person. I’m grateful for all the people who I have met along the way in my life thus far. I have a couple of great people in my life but one in particular has taught me a valuable lesson about friendship.

This person has taught me to come outside my square and see some things that I needed to acknowledge within myself. I have learned to accept the things that I cannot change and know that I am a good person that someone can care about.  Sometimes what I may be feeling about my friend is misunderstood by me because I’m not speaking up. Slowly, I am learning to communicate in a way in which we understand each other better. Which makes us closer as friends.

We all have our faults but at the end of the day it is about what you can and will allow yourself to put up with. Friends put up with the crazy stuff that you may say and do. They tell you things that can heal your broken heart or make you soar to new heights. Sometimes they can be more of a family member to you then the ones that are related by blood.

Every now and then you may not understand a friends actions. It may hurt like hell because you think that maybe they are not a good person like you perceived. That’s when you may have to stop and realize we are all humans. Humans with different thoughts, feelings, and views and if you care for that friend, you talk about it. Being silent and holding bad feelings never got anyone, anywhere.

Friends come in all shapes, sizes, and color. They can be young with fresh ideas or old with a lot of wisdom. Whatever the case, care about them for who they are and love them because tomorrow is never promised.

Take care of each other. 🙂

“Hope Up Close”

September is a month of back-to-school, Labor Day, and the final days of summer. This weekend was memorable because I witnessed history by seeing Jay Z and Eminem in concert. The concert was awesome and it was a chance to see young and old, of all races and backgrounds, enjoying music. It was a chance to see two rap heavyweights share a stage and make history.

Being in that atmosphere made me realize how great it is to be able to put differences aside and enjoy a form of art that brings people together. Music has a tendency to go across lines that can divide people and bring messages of hope and inspiration. It sometimes makes a person a little more compassionate about something that they didn’t quite understand.

Clothes 4 Cures was created to help spread the awareness of HIV/AIDS. So many times after a person is diagnosed with the illness, they lose people who once were important to them. One of the goals of my company is to help spread the awareness of prevention and inform you of how you can volunteer time to be compassionate to a person in need. No matter what the situation, a person needs to know that someone cares.

I hope that you will support us in our efforts. Together, we can change a world.

"Bad Romance - Clothes 4 Cures"

"Bad Romance - The Beginning - Clothes 4 Cures"

“Do you BlogUpp?”

I was doing a Google search to find a submission search website for my blog. I found BlogUpp! The service is free to use and the system they have in place is very user-friendly.

My company is an online company and Social Media is the method I am using to advertise and market the company. BlogUpp gives you the opportunity to get readers for your blog as well as a way to create an email marketing list. All this on a “beer budget“…FREE!

I’m excited to start using the service. Clothes 4 Cures is important to me and I am very excited to expose the company to persons that will potentially offer their support. BlogUpp is an excellent way to achieve your marketing goals. 🙂