About Us

Clothes 4 Cures is an online t-shirt company that donates a portion of all proceeds to the Until There’s A Cure Foundation. Our goal is to help promote the awareness and spread of HIV/AIDS.

Clothes 4 Cures was created from a pure desire of the heart to educate people on HIV/AIDS. We wanted to make a product that is universal and that people would be proud to associate our company with. Our t-shirts are designed to do just that. We take great pride in each of the t-shirts that are designed and we appreciate your support when you purchase a t-shirt.

Clothes 4 Cures is located in Michigan and we are excited to be of service here and in the rest of this great big world of ours. Our company may be small but our heart is huge. We look forward to being a positive influence to many people while spreading a message of hope and courage.

"Bad Romance - Clothes 4 Cures"

"Bad Romance - 2 At The Wall - Clothes 4 Cures"

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