Shop-NYC Tours – A Must See

I do my best to network and meet many new and exciting people. I recently met a representative from Shop-NYC Tours. I went to the company website,, and I was highly impressed.

They offer services to help either a tourist or those living in the vicinity, to find stores and establishments to shop at. They offer guided and self-guided tours of some of the best places to shop in NYC. From hip, edgy boutiques to upscale, brand name labels, Shop-NYC Tours can help you find what you need.

Shop-NYC Tours

Shop-NYC Tours

In addition to a Fashion Tour, they also offer a Makeover Tour, Accessories Tour, Unique Boutique Tour, Home Decor Tour, Glamorous Tour, Pet Tour, Bride-to-be Tour and Mommy-to-be Tour.  There is even a tour for kids, And “Yes,” the prices are reasonable.

So if your planning a trip to NYC, check out Shop-NYC Tours for a tour that is truly AWESOME! 😀