“Whatever Happened To Dreams?”

The other day I was reading about how two college kids that decided to leave their regular day jobs to pursue their dreams. They wanted to do that before time ran out. They wanted to see if they could make their dreams come true.

So many times you talk to people and their life is just so day-to-day. They once were people with dreams, hopes, and a desire to be something more. Not to say that their life is so boring but they want to see and do all that life has to offer, on their terms. For some reason that dream got lost and before they knew it, the day-to-day has become the safe route.

I have had so many blessings in my life but I still have the desire to dream. At this stage in my life I want to know the outcome of a dream that I have and how I can make a greater contribution to the world. I know the risk that are involved but more important I will know the end result.

What’s your dream? 🙂


“Can You Help Me Please?”

Ok, so I have decided to start my own t-shirt company. Clothes 4 Cures is an online t-shirt company that will donate a portion of all sales to the awareness of HIV/AIDS. I am so excited about what I can contribute to my community and the world. I feel good about my accomplishments so far and I am using my research and development skills to make my business a success. As with all good plans, a stumbling block has occurred.

I graduated from a program that has been getting a lot of press and positive feedback. Being a graduate of this program I am using all the resources that they have given to me, but one particular resource has fallen short in the game. No I will not mention the name of the resource because they still have time to fix the issue!

I have tried to contact the resource through the Internet online inquiry form but after a month of waiting, still no response. Then after my reunion for FastTrac on May 24, 2010, I stopped by their office at TechTown, and still no luck. Well by now I am frustrated that they have not even made an attempt to reach out to me. WOW…some resource!

If you review their brochure it states, “… is a grassroots advocate for small businesses working in partnership with local resources to strengthen companies. ….works hard throughout the state to uncover opportunities and build relationships with organizations providing the extra assistance that makes a real difference to entrepreneurs.” Those are great things to do but how quickly do you perform them?

Starting a business or being in business is scary enough. Reaching out for help and not getting any type of response can make a business owner nervous. With a lot of attention being focused on bringing back a thriving economy having a resource to go to makes that rode a little easy to travel.

Well, because I still have not heard from a rep, I decided to go to the SBA and SCORE for help. I put in a request for services through the online inquiry form and a SCORE rep called me back within 2 hours. I have an appointment next Wednesday to see the SCORE rep.

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