Human Kindness

Human kindness can be seen in a number of ways and number of forms. You just have to define the kindness. Just like the very meaning and definition of beauty changes from person to person, so does the meaning and form of Human Kindness makes a deliberate change altogether.

Few of the common instances of Human Kindness seen in the routine daily life include, saying Hi to a stranger; or wishing good luck to the stranger; giving alms to those who need them; helping poor by giving them food etc.

The very purpose of Human Kindness is to help people in whatever form or whatever way you can help them. It is not necessary that you help fellow humans in cash only. If you can show your goodwill gesture to them, it means you are showing Human Kindness to the fellow humans, and it is what one desires in Human Kindness.

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There are many positive effects of Human Kindness, and these effects are not only felt by the taker but also the giver. The effects can be psychological, and physical. In case of psychological effects, the giver feels light and good at heart. A feeling of exhilaration and euphoria comes automatically, and the giver really starts feeling the difference.
Sometimes a person who is kind to the other fellow human likes talking about his family and friends. This will initiate a ripple effect and a positive feeling will be generated.

The physical effect of doing Human Kindness can be seen in the form of mental relaxation. Here, it is seen, if you help somebody who has been rendered homeless as the result of natural calamity or for monetary purposes, you get to know how relieved you feel. Your body energy invigorates, and you feel all the more different. Not only heart, but also your body feels light. The indications are of doing good to others is felt
immediately, and you know right from your heart and mind that you are doing some real good to fellow humans.

It is not necessary that you need to show your kindness at larger levels. To begin with, you can even show little kindness to a poor kid crying on the road by giving him or her piece of chocolate. Likewise, you can also show your kindness towards the beggar by giving him food or pair of shoes, or complete dress. The idea is to help living beings. Make the fellow human beings feel comfortable in whatever you can. Remember, human
kindness can be rendered by humans only, and not by anybody else. Therefore, humans should respect other humans and they should care for the interests of the others as honestly as they can.